Meeting the Minoans

Cretan Thematic Park – A journey through time

Crete… An island full of natural beauties and contradictions. A place where history is present everywhere. Right from the beginning, it fills you with scents and sceneries of the past and the present. It is the birthplace of poets, painters, civilizations, inspiration.

Keeping the above in mind, we start our journey from the Minoan era and the oldest civilization in Europe. A trip in time and history. We foresaw our future respecting our heritage in order for all of us to become co-travelers. We invite you to join us on this journey to familiarize ourselves with and actively take part in the Minoan civilization.

About us

At the place that gave birth to the unique Minoan Civilization, the “Cretan Thematic Park” offers guests the opportunity to get an insight assisted by modern technology and two dance theatre performances, while they enjoy Minoan flavors offered by Cretan products.

Our Concept

Young women dressed in the Minoan costume, welcome guests and show them to their seats in the hall, lighting in which is provided by the Minoan oil lamps creating a dreamy Minoan atmosphere. The hall is scented by incenses of Cretan herbs.